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A writing colleague of mine recently built herself a writing loft.

She’s also an architect so she designed it herself.

Because, for most of her adult life, she’d been busy serving other people: raising children, running a very full household (5+ kids!), and designing structures.

There was never space for her writing.

But with the loft, she could make it a priority.

What happened next was not what you’d expect.

Immediately, her husband starting filling the writing loft with his art projects.

When I came over to visit, my friend hardly had any space for herself.


Claim Your Writing Space

Your situation might not be as extreme as my friend’s, but all of us struggle to claim our space—any space— for our creative work.​

If you have kids, extended family, a busy work life—anything really—you might find it challenging to keep any surface or space sacred for your writing.

Then, more and more, you may feel that you don’t have time to write.

You think you don’t have time, but maybe the problem is that you don’t have space.

You haven’t made a space, however small.

There’s nothing sacred for yourself. There’s nowhere to invite the muse in.

Joelle talks on video to BPA clients about the importance of having a writing space
Here I am talking with Book Proposal Academy clients about writing spaces. (3 min video)​

Create a Small Habit

I am guilty of keeping a pile of folders (maybe two or more) and a pile of mail on my writing desk.

Then, every time I walk by it, I’m reminded of my long to-do list.

That to-do list does not inspire me.

It makes me want to do anything else.

Recently, I cleared off that desk and resolved to keep it clear.

This one small habit—of keeping a writing area, surface, nook or other space—sacred for yourself and your writing, is not a very big one.

It doesn’t take much time or effort.

It does take resolve.

And, it is a good fight.

Because when you have that space, and you guard it against intruders (tell your spouse/companion/kids to find their own space!), it does something to your brain.

It does something to your confidence and your enthusiasm.

It tells your unconscious that you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS, so the muse can sit down with you, too.

Safeguard Your Writing Space

Some busy moms I know will even write in their car.

I say, whatever works. Do that.

This small habit is not difficult to start.

You can start it right now.

Clear off a surface, find your corner, arrange a touchstone or two if that helps.

Then start showing up and start maintaining.

See what happens.

With this small habit you can have a much higher chance of getting writing into your life on the regular.

(Remember, the challengers will come! Be prepared.)

Listen to me talk about this with Book Proposal Academy clients in this short clip. Joelle talks on video to BPA clients about the importance of having a writing space


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