You’ve got the drive to write, but you need help along the way. I give you my undivided attention to help you get started or work through an issue.

One-on-One Exclusive Coaching.

This option is good for:

  1. Brainstorming and developing your ideas
  2. Starting a book project and staying on track
  3. Working through an issue in your book
  4. Starting a writing practice … and more!

You get four calls over four weeks with recordings so you can listen again any time (no need to take notes on the call unless that’s your jam). You can submit up to 10 pages a week for verbal feedback.

One-on-One VIP Consultation.

You get one hour of undivided attention to talk about anything related to your book project. Submit up to 30 pages before we talk for verbal feedback on the call. No editing or formal editorial work, but lots of ideas and discussion.

Bust Through Your Writing Blocks.

I offer exclusive, two- and three-month Masterminds to cohorts of writers based on need. Examples of past cohorts:

  • Momentum Mastermind: For building on writing and thinking momentum after Develop Your Book Idea & Get Writing.
  • Polish & Pitch: For polishing up a book proposal and preparing to pitch agents after Book Proposal Academy.
  • Special Invitation: For novelists, memoirists, and authors under contract who are working on long projects and need to finish a draft.


You know you have something powerful to share - but need guidance and direction. That’s where I come in.
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