Nataly Kogan

“Magic - in terms of how much I grew and learned as a thinker, speaker, writer and person. Joelle is such an attentive and insightful writing partner and editor. She brings both intellectual and emotional insight to help me, as an author, dig into those areas I want to glide over. Instead, we worked to develop them.”

Monisha Chandanani

“What I appreciate so much about Joelle is her ability to ask the right questions and to bring the story that’s inside of me out into the forefront. She understands what it means to be a writer because she is one!”

Kimberly Ann Johnson

“After working with a few other editors, I can say that Joelle is a technician, a poet — and she gets it. She’s an intuitive person so she can go inside the idea and know what the next best move is, as well as having that Capricorn strength of organization. If I get another book deal, I’m going to make sure she has no other work at the time!”

What Dondi Dahlin Says

“It was awesome working with Joelle! The types of questions she asked me pulled writing out of me that I didn't even realize was that important. I only wish that she could be my writing coach so that I could really take in all of her wisdom and intelligence. I was trying to soak it up as I went along—and I had a tight deadline so the process went pretty fast. But I would gladly work with her again—in a HEARTBEAT!!”

Dondi Dahlin, Award-winning public speaker, teacher, dancer and author of The Five Elements: Understand Yourself and Enhance Your Relationships with the Wisdom of the World’s Oldest Personality Type System (Tarcher)

What Susan Packard Says

"I found Joelle just as I needed to push my proposal to completion. It's not always so easy to do this work alone, even if you've done it before, which I had with my first book. Joelle helped me refine the ideas for my second book, better connect the material I already had, and polish up the language. She both pushed me forward and took my cues in that delicate balancing act that a skillful writer and editor does. Together we made this proposal exactly what I wanted it to be—and what my agent and editor wanted, too. I'm very grateful for her expert help."

Susan Packard,Co-founder of HGTV, media executive, speaker, and author of Emotions at Work, Three Steps  to Grow In Emotional Intelligence (Penguin/Prentice Hall)

What LiYana Silver Says

"As a first time author, I didn’t have much to guide me in writing a good book aside from strong instincts: I wanted to invite my reader in, offer her a comfy seat and nourish her with beauty. But I didn’t know squat about building a foundation for my book-house. Joelle helped me pour a strong foundation and frame that sucker it so it would become a home, a sanctuary, a temple. I am lucky I had Joelle in my corner.  I’d do it again in a hot New York second."

LiYana Silver, Coach and author, Feminine Genius: The Provocative Path to Waking Up and Turning On the Wisdom of Being a Woman (Sounds True)

What Isa Dona Says

“As a fellow writer and editor who's known her for almost two decades, I can tell you that Joelle Hann is no ordinary book doctor. This is her soul work. Writing and editing are not for the faint of heart. Joelle is a powerful mix of intellect and intuition. She knows the industry and she knows the craft and psychology of the writing process, intimately. I am most grateful to call her my editor.”

Isa Dona, Writer, energy healer and a channel for love

What Jason Tougaw Says

“Joelle just about the best editor I'd ever hope for. She's smart and has a knack for language—like any good editor—but she's also imaginative, compassionate, and firm when she needs to be. She has a sense of humor about the work, herself, and the world. She's calm and diligent, and as a result she's a rock in the face of unexpected complications—a hallmark of any publishing project. I look forward to the day when I'll work with Joelle again.”

Jason Tougaw, Writer and Associate Professor of English at Queens College, CUNY The One You Get: A Portrait of a Family Organism (Dzanc Books)

What Bonnie & Elizabeth Say

“Joelle is the only editor with whom we've ever worked who felt like a co-author from the very beginning. Not only could she anticipate changes we might want to make, she often revised our sentences to sound better than the originals. We begged to have Joelle as an editor for the fourth edition of our book, FieldWorking: Reading and Writing Research, because her work on the third was so remarkable. She is a top-rate editor and a sensitive listener.”

Bonnie Sunstein, University of Iowa, & Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater, University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Writers, professors, and researchers. FieldWorking: Reading and Writing Research (Bedford/St. Martin’s)

What Annelise Hagen Says

"Joelle gave  a much-needed sense of clarity and scope to my memoir writing project.  Her incisive and positive notes gave me enough insight and direction to fix what needed fixing and expand on what needed definition. I would have given up without her expertise, which gently steered me to improve my manuscript in bite sized, humorous, and compassionate chunks. Joelle is that rare entity: a writer and editor who likes to read other writers' writing, and even has a taste and enthusiasm for it.  Thank you for giving me a light in the tunnel, Joelle."

What Mimi Gonzalez Says

“I am smiling inside and out! Very happy! I could not have done it without you! I felt that you really cared about my story and my overall goal. You are intuitive and a great listener. Direct and to the point — I like that. I feel like I got real value.”

Mimi Gonzalez, Always Wear Lipstick

What Rhonda Uretzsky Says

“Your input has warmed my heart and changed my book. I cannot express (and I'm a writer!) how much your feedback and editing cues have guided this creation. Your insights were clear and focused; you instantly saw the heart of my book. Thank you! I’m so proud of this.”

Rhonda Uretzsky, The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today’s Empowered Woman (Black Card Books)

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