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I help people shape their stories into compelling books. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, journalists, activists and celebrities as well as business leaders, spiritual leaders and many more. Maybe you’re next?

My job is to make you sound as great as you are so that you can relax and focus on creating your best work.

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Land a Great Book Deal

Publishing is an insider’s world. Shape your work to attract agents and editors.

Write a Bestseller

Refine your unique story, message or program for wide appeal.

Make an Impact

Write to be heard. Uncover the real idea driving your book and tell the most compelling stories.

"Writing a book means sitting down every day to get the work done. It also means allowing yourself to be delighted by what you encounter along the way."

A Little About Me

What is your vision? What is the book that wants to happen right now? I’m the writer and book coach who can help you answer these questions—because I’ve been there myself.

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This Is What I Do

Lots of people have great book ideas, but few know where to begin, let alone how to get to the finish line.

When you work with me, you get a seasoned expert to help you realize your dream of delivering your message to the world.

"Excellence is what I want for my authors. It’s what I ask from myself. It’s that combination of passion, humility and determination that separates the good from the great authors."

Can you relate?

  • You don’t have much time, but this book has to happen. What to do?

  • Publishing seems like a closed world. How do you break in?

  • Do you need an agent, or should you self-publish?

  • You want to write a bestseller. What’s the magic formula?

  • How do you know for sure if you’ve got a great book idea?

  • What’s the very first step you need to take?

How to Work with Me

Book Proposal Academy

Join one of my exclusive, small-group programs for the same expert guidance that private clients get - for a lower price and the support of your peers.

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How to Work with Me

Book Coach

You’ve got the drive to write, but you need help along the way. I give you my undivided attention to help you get started or to work through an issue.

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How to Work with Me

Book Development

When you have a manuscript that you need to develop and polish, I coach you through the writing process and edit the final result.

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How to Work with Me


You don’t have the time or focus to write your own book proposal or manuscript. No problem. I listen to your ideas and write the pages for you.

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What My Clients Say

Nataly Kogan

“Magic - in terms of how much I grew and learned as a thinker, speaker, writer and person. Joelle is such an attentive and insightful writing partner and editor. She brings both intellectual and emotional insight to help me, as an author, dig into those areas I want to glide over. Instead, we worked to develop them.”

Monisha Chandanani

“What I appreciate so much about Joelle is her ability to ask the right questions and to bring the story that’s inside of me out into the forefront. She understands what it means to be a writer because she is one!”

Kimberly Ann Johnson

“After working with a few other editors, I can say that Joelle is a technician, a poet — and she gets it. She’s an intuitive person so she can go inside the idea and know what the next best move is, as well as having that Capricorn strength of organization. If I get another book deal, I’m going to make sure she has no other work at the time!”

Write Your Book,Change the World

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