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Book Proposal Academy is a proven process that helps you craft a proposal that agents and editors are excited to buy.

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Are you itching to write a nonfiction book that will reach thousands – or, even millions of people – but keep getting stuck at “book proposal”?

You’ve tried it all—you’ve hopped on coaching calls and bought the four-week DIY courses. You’ve looked at sample proposals, and even read books about book proposals—but you still got nowhere. Or, not far enough. You still haven’t written or sold yours.

And after all this work, you’re left with unanswered questions:

  • Why can’t you just send sample chapters and get a deal?
  • Is every part of a book proposal essential? What about for the book you are writing?
  • How can you be sure who’s in your target market?
  • What competitive titles should you list — and why?
  • How important is your platform (and what is a platform)? And, how important is your writing style?
  • What’s the difference between a proposal that sells and doesn’t sell?
  • What are agents and editors really looking for?
  • Are you doing any of this right?

Not to mention that DIY-ing your dream book proposal has been an overwhelming, lonely process that has left you doubting yourself. You’re starting to wonder if you’ll ever be a best-selling author who changes the hearts and minds of people who really need your book.

Even for your normally can-do, confident, go-getter self, going through this process on your own has depleted your drive and confidence.

Book Proposal Academy

The Academy is comprised of an intimate, exclusive group — I only accept a handful of people into the program, and only those who have a good chance of selling their book.

Book Industry Expert

You get direct access to a book industry expert who has helped first-time authors sell their book proposals to big-5 publishers.

One-on-one Guidance

You get one-on-one guidance crafting your book proposal — no more guessing about what works.

Personalized Feedback

You get feedback and stay on track with weekly lessons that include built-in writing time.

Support and Accountability

You get moral support and accountability as you write your proposal, all in carefully crafted stages that are proven to work.

Sell Your Proposal

You will write a book proposal that can actually sell – and sell soon.

Intimate, Exclusive group

You will be part of an intimate, exclusive group of change-making thought-leaders who are going through the process with you.

Develop Your Proposal in 16 Weeks

When you’re crystal clear about your idea, your story, audience and market, your proposal will rise to the top of the pile. But everyone needs help getting there.

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Wait, 16 WEEKS?! I want this done yesterday!

Yes – 16 weeks. No matter how productive, intelligent and determined you may be, a book proposal that sells takes more than three or four weeks to write and polish. Truth.

You’ve probably seen DIY courses that claim you can write a proposal in less time. I’ve seen those, too. But in my experience helping best-selling authors, this is not possible or realistic. In fact, this is the quickest way to waste your time and money, not to mention increase your frustration.

Book Proposal Academy actually is a fast track to getting your proposal done in the right way. It’s a guarantee that your book idea doesn’t end up in some editor’s drawer collecting dust – or in the shredder.

And you’ll have it done this spring, which will be here in a hot second.

  • Your brilliant, change-making book needs and deserves time, expert guidance, and quality feedback.
  • A book proposal also sets you up to write your book. You’ll know exactly where to start, what to say, and how to say it.
  • You’ll know who you’re writing for, and why.
  • You’ll know where your book fits in the landscape of current, best-selling titles.
  • At the same time, you’ll naturally refine you brand, your voice, and your ability to express your ideas.

Crafting a book proposal needs the guidance of someone who knows what agents and editors want to see. It also benefits big time from the support of your peers who are going through the process with you. It’s not a secret: a dedicated cheering section is vital to every author’s success.

Book Proposal Academy clients have landed 5-figure book deals after taking my 16-week intensive, step-by-step proposal coaching program.

Who This Course is For

The Book Proposal Academy is not a program for dabblers, or “Sunday writers.”

It’s not for people who don’t know what kind of book they want to write yet (listen up – if this is you, I have other services that will prepare you for BPA, so let’s talk).

Book Proposal Academy is for people who are burning to write their book and share their insights, method, or story. And they want to do it now.

It’s for those who are on fire with a book idea. It’s for people who can’t wait to see their book in print. For people who are focused and motivated.

It’s created especially for people who think that 16 weeks is too long—I assure you, the time spent thinking, revising, incorporating feedback, and polishing is well worth it. It’s the difference between selling and not selling your book!

What to Expect

Over the time we work together, we do as much writing as possible during class. This helps to maximize your time—something we’re all short on—and minimize distractions.

In Book Proposal Academy you get:

  • Access to me anytime via Slack—ask questions, get feedback and answers;
  • Live, weekly lessons via Zoom (I'll send you a recording after each class), and a dedicated time to write;
  • The support of a small, select group of peers who are all working on incredible books;
  • Live monthly Q & As so you can ask more questions, or take the hot seat and receive direct feedback from me and your smart, motivated peers;
  • Two, 1-hour meetings with me to finesse your book idea and track your progress;
  • Accountability, support, and expert knowledge about what will help sell your book.


  • Plus, I will read every section of your proposal three times to let you you where you are on track and where you can improve, and
  • This includes one final read of your completed draft  – with suggestions of what to add, cut and refine - before you send it to agents and editors.
  • An entire session on how to pitch agents and editors including how to write an attention-grabbing query letter;
  • A dedicated title-pitch to guarantee that your book's title is catchy and irresistible;
  • By the end, you will have a finished, polished book proposal that is vetted by an industry professional.
Joelle Hann -
Program Leader

Joelle Hann

As a publishing industry expert, I’ve seen countless brilliant authors go through the pain and frustration of trying to complete their book proposal alone. I knew had to share my knowledge to create a solution that would move people's world-changing ideas out of their heads and into bestselling books – where they belong!

Whether you are a first-time author, or a veteran author with a huge platform, the question is the same: How can we, together, create the best book possible? How can we create the most compelling book proposal that no publisher will be able to resist?

I ask you the hard questions so that you don’t have to wonder if you’re on the right track.

I’m dedicated to being your guide, your audience, and your cheering section - to the very end.

Book Proposal Academy

What you invest in this program is so much less than what you would spend figuring out a book proposal on your own. Don't waste your precious time and money wondering if you’re doing things right. Join us. Make your dream a reality.

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