Every great writer needs help — and the best help is hard to find.

I was ready to write a bestseller. I had a great idea. I knew how it would go, chapter to chapter. I saw the scenes, paragraphs and even sentences in my head like a movie. My writing was great - everyone said so.

What’s more, I knew what steps came next: I put together a proposal and got an agent.

Finally, I thought, people will hear what I have to say.  

Joelle Hann - brooklynbookdoctor.comWhen my agent said, “You need to work on a few things,” I was ready to listen. But the truth was, his advice confused me. I was a strong writer, but I didn’t know the publishing world. Wasn’t he supposed to fill in the gaps?

Every great writer needs great help.

So, I tried a different tack. I hired an editor. She had just left one of the big five New York publishing houses-- and her rate reflected her experience. But she’d be worth it, right?

Well - no. Her notes were rushed. She’d skimmed my work. And when we spoke on the phone, I wondered if she understood what I was going for.

Next, I took my idea and my sample chapters to a writing workshop.

And met well-meaning people.

Who were more confused than I was.

Why was this process so difficult?

All I really wanted was to work with one person I trusted. I wanted to work with someone who could guide my writing, who knew the industry and could help me through the publishing process.

But I couldn’t find that person.

How do published writers do this?

The sad truth is - and I’m embarrassed to admit it - I quit. I gave up on my book. Without good help, I lost sight of the finish line.

I shelved the proposal. My confidence evaporated. My agent disappeared. I wasn’t going to be a best-selling author after all.

What I didn’t know then was that I needed someone like myself. I needed an expert and an insider to guide me.

I needed someone who believed in me, had the editorial chops to guide my work, and the industry know-how to help me reach my goal.

I needed someone who was dedicated to helping me write (and sell!) the best book I could write.

That’s what we all need.

It was my lightbulb moment. It’s why I do what I do now. Writing a book takes work, but it shouldn’t be confusing and painful. It just shouldn’t be so hard.

Fast-forward to today: I’m still writing. But I’m writing smarter. I know what agents and publishers want. I know a good book idea when I see it. I know how we get there.

Every time I cross that finish line with an author, I get the sweetest satisfaction: We did it!

Whether you are a first-time author, or an author with a huge platform, the questions are the same: What is the book that wants to happen right now? How can we, together, create the best book possible?

I ask you the hard questions so that you don’t have to wonder if you’re on the right track.

I’m dedicated to being your guide, your audience, and your cheering section - to the very end.

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My background

I'm a book coach helping authors discover their ideas, harness their creative process, develop their proposals and write their books.

My clients have been published with Big 5 and independent presses such as TarcherPerigee (Penguin Group), North Star Way (Simon & Schuster), Harper Wave, Workman, Wiley, Sounds True, Shambhala Publications, and more.

They are top CEOs, world-changing humanitarians, coaches, scholars, moms, midwives, herbalists, entrepreneurs — and more.

My own writing has appeared in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, TimeOut New York, Poets & Writers, and on NPR and McSweeney's, among many other venues. I have been a writing fellow at the Writer's Institute​ of the City University of New York's Graduate Center and at New York University.

Since I am actively writing and publishing my own work, I know what it means to be edited and coached. I treat my authors with the same rigor, intelligence, and kindness I want for my own work.

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"Whether I’m helping my clients conceptualize their ideas, shape their manuscript, or polish their prose, my entire goal is to bring excellence, clarity and power to their work—your work."

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