Do you have an urgent feeling inside that says, "Help! I’ve got a book in me and it’s desperate to come out!"

Do you just know that the world needs your book?

Are you ready to take your ideas, your story or your brand to the next level?

Do you know what your book is about? Or, is it a general “I need to write a book” feeling?

Are you excited to write and revise? That includes composing great chapters and getting feedback before you shop your work around.

If writing is not your jam (it’s not for everyone), are you willing to hire a professional ghostwriter or collaborator to write your book for you or with you?

Are you willing to work smart to land a publishing contract?

Are you willing to work smart to promote your book?

Are you clear on whether you want to publish with a traditional publishing house or whether you want the DIY freedom of self-publishing?

Are you open to learning what it really means to be an author? You might be surprised by what you discover!

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