Inspiration can hit anywhere. But when you’re at a bookstore, where you’re surrounded by stories, the chances are MUCH higher. Here are some tips on how you can get your next book idea at the bookstore. 💭 📚 Do one — or all!


1. Locate your local independent bookstore. Maybe there’s more than one near you (if so, visit all of them on several different trips, not all at once). Where is it? How do you get there?


The “indies” will have carefully curated selections, extremely knowledgeable staff, and book-focused patrons. You can almost get a book-buzz from being inside the store.


2. Notice what the booksellers have on the first 1 – 3 tables in the store, in the most visible places. Get curious: what are you drawn to? What speaks to you? What does not? There’s no right or wrong answer.


3. Pick up 1 – 3 titles by authors you have never heard of. Read the front and back covers. Read some pages at random. Your mind MAY start firing off ideas that are related OR unrelated to the topic of the book. That’s fine! Just have a notebook or phone handy so that you can write down whatever inspiration comes your way.


4. Go to a section of the store you’d never normally visit. Sci-fi? Mystery? History? Politics? Jig-saw puzzles? Notice your aversion to this section, if you have any.

Then, notice something you’re drawn to and pick it up. Read the text on the cover/package without judgment. Now, write down what comes to mind. You might be surprised! Again: there are no right or wrong answers.


5. Find one of your very favorite books. What section is it in? What are the titles immediately around it? What do you notice about your beloved book when you see it in this context?

This is an exercise about allowing ourselves to be curious and be surprised. This is essential for inspiration! And what better place to do it than in a bookstore.


Let me know what happens in the comments!

Finding Inspiration is your local Indie Book Store is a great way to get your next book idea.
Photo by YJ Lee on Unsplash