60 Days of Writing Momentum – and Support

No matter how much momentum you have right now, when you leave a supportive and productive group, that momentum can dry up lickety-split.

If you’re not naturally disciplined (and I mean seriously disciplined), then keeping life’s distractions at bay is just about impossible. Especially these days.

It takes time and even more determination to get up to speed again.

But by that time, procrastination and avoidance have set in.

You’ve waited long enough.

I'm ready to join!

​That’s why I’m offering the Momentum Mastermind – a 8-week program to support you through the inevitable dip that comes after a motivating program when even the best-laid plans tend to go awry.

​I can’t stand to see writers (you!) lose the precious ground you’ve gained in our work together so far.

​Or—even worse—watching your book project slide back to the bottom of your to-do list (where it might have spent an unfortunate chunk of time already).

​Maintaining your momentum while we transit through the crazy end-of-year time might mean the difference between making big progress in 2023 or waiting another year. Or, two years. Or, more!

Continuing to build on the clarity you’ve gained is incredibly valuable.

I have space for 8 up-and-coming authors to work closely with me from May into July. 

Sign me up!

People working together at a long table

Peer Support, Expert Guidance, Regular Check-ins,
& Community​

The mastermind works with peer support, expert guidance, and regular check-ins to help you keep writing, keep thinking and—most importantly—stay on track as you get pages written, overcome obstacles, and think through next steps.

​Instead of losing confidence every time your schedule erupts (Family obligations? School schedules? Client demands?), you’ll stay connected to your project, the group and me!

By staying in the flow, you’ll keep up your momentum, and realize that your book is not some out-of-reach dream, it just needs tending to through all the inevitable distractions and responsibilities that life brings, especially right now with vaccines and everything else on the horizon.

Most importantly, you’ll know that your mastermind peers (and me!) have your back when you get stuck, and are there to celebrate with you when you have breakthroughs.

Join us!

The BBD Momentum Mastermind Schedule

  • Week 1:

    – Set your 8-week goal
    – Commit to necessary actions you need to take
    – Identify the habits you want to instill in your days and weeks

  • Weeks 2 – 7

    – Check in on your plan
    – Share your victories from the previous week
    – Identify any challenges or roadblocks
    – Take a hot-seat to overcome any specific challenges
    – Dive deep into pressing issues to find work-arounds or reframe.

  • Week 8

    – Analyze your plan and progress
    – Reflect on what went well and what didn’t go as planned
    – Celebrate your victories!
    – Set your next 2-month goal.

​All meetings are with the full group of up to 8 up-and-coming authors.

We meet on Thursdays at 12:00pm EST / 9:00am PST via Zoom, and we will have a Slack group for exchanging ideas and asking for/offering support during the week.

All meetings will be recorded and posted in the Slack group.

So, what’s the exchange?

You have two options.

Pay $373.50/mo for two months.

– OR –

Make a one-time payment and save $50. (Total = $697)

Your choice! Whatever works for your cash-flow and budget.

Just think how good it’s going to feel when you reach the summer with pages written and progress made.

Instead of losing more months, you will have traction, focus, and motivation to keep going until you’ve finished your draft.

You’ll go into the rest of the year ready to take your book where it needs to go! Into query letters to agents and editors, or a book proposal, or to outside readers, etc.

Join us!