Do you have a great book idea — but have been struggling to get it off the ground?

Did you start writing, but then got derailed because of all the chaos in life right now?

Or, do you have no words on paper yet because your idea is still rattling around in your head?

Is it still in the Notes app on your phone?

If so, don’t despair. In spite of all the uncertainty, this is a good time to develop your book idea and get writing. You just might need extra structure and guidance to get started.

Writers ALWAYS struggle to get lift-off on their book idea at first. When there’s a lot of distractions, it’s that much harder.

But it’s not impossible. Not at all.

Get clear on your book idea, find focus, save time — and get writing.

Often, authors have more than one great idea. How do you know which one to start with?

Then, how do you map out a powerful table of contents?

How do you go from book idea and table of contents to actual writing?

The writers I work with are making a positive change in the world. But at this moment in time, they also need structure and camaraderie to get lift-off.

And, in my experience, their book writing issues come down to one thing: getting 100% clear about their book idea.

Defining the book idea is the #1 challenge authors have. It’s also the #1 reason they have tangled manuscripts later (not to mention problems with their book proposals!).

Not being clear about the book idea is THE #1 reason authors start writing but don’t continue. They don’t know where they’re going — or why.

That’s why we begin a 4-week workshop called “Develop Your Book Idea and Get Writing.”

It’s a live, online course designed to help you get started on your book journey.  It sets you up to continue writing after the four weeks are over. Now is the perfect time for this kind of work. Agents and editors are signing deals. You want to be ready to catch their attention.

We begin with the most important piece of book writing: dialing in your book idea.

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What to Expect

In Develop Your Book Idea & Get Writing, you will:

Craft your book concept

Focus on the idea that will take you through the entire book writing process

Map out your table of contents

See where you're going from beginning to end

Get feedback

From me on how to sharpen (or broaden) your idea so that it's a book idea

Get Help and Support

Get the help and support of motivated peers

Craft the "hook"

Craft the "hook" that you will share with agents and editors

Become an Author

Bring your dreams of becoming an author closer to reality!

I only offer this course twice a year. So, act now! You’ll get:

Expert guidance by a multi-published author;

A community of peers participating in a safe space;

Well-paced lessons that you can follow and put into action right away;

Clear explanations and examples delivered in manageable pieces;

A warm, supportive environment that motivates you to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

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write with your true voice

Which idea is the best idea for right now? How should your table of contents work? What chapter should you begin writing—the introduction? Chapter 1? Chapter 10?

This online course will answer these fundamental questions, and more. It sets you up to write your book this year.

No more waiting.

Working on a book proposal? This workshop sets you up to make that proposal sing.

Writing a non-fiction book? This course will prepare you to move on to the book proposal stage faster.

Joelle Hann -

Over our four weeks together, we will go through all the key issues. In live classes, assignments and Q&As you will learn to make informed decisions, establish good habits, and get ready to start writing now.

You have the drive. Now, get the structure and focus that will help you fulfill your book writing goals— before even more time slips away. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Four weeks of high-impact work for $447!

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I’m a book coach, editor, and industry expert who’s taken countless projects — including best-sellers — through to publication.

I see far too many would-be authors start their projects only to give up. Or, they never start. Or, they work on their passion projects F-O-R-E-V-E-R (and then give up!).

It’s my mission to help you avoid these frustrating scenarios. Or, to dig yourself out if you’re already in one.

That’s what this course is all about.

Interested? I’m capping it at 25 people, so if you want in, don’t wait!

(I expect it to sell out as soon as the doors open again!)

Yes, I can't wait!

How it Works

Live Meetings on Zoom

We meet live on Zoom once a week for class;

Private Facebook Group

You join a private Facebook group where you meet your peers, post your work, get recordings of the calls and copies of the slide deck;

Ask Questions

You can ask questions between live sessions on the FB group;

Get Feedback

You get written feedback from me at the end of the four weeks.

And, if that’s not enough, I’m adding a sweet BONUS:

BONUS: You can deduct the cost of this course from Book Proposal Academy if you sign up within a year (we have cohorts starting in February and September). That’s a potential savings of $447.

You could save $447! Crazy, but true. I want you to get set up to write this year.

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Success Stories

Eileen Rosete

The course was perfect for where I was at in my book writing process! It helped me not only clarify my idea but feel more confident and excited about it.

Nichole Ekman

This course was super helpful for clarity. My ideas are really percolating.

Mary Linda Sather

The course was just right for me—interesting, challenging, thought-provoking.

More Details

Need more detail? Sure!

– In week one, we’ll talk about what a book idea is and what it’s not.

– In week two, I’ll give you a foolproof framework for your book idea. You’ll plug in the work you’ve done so far, identify issues and start to resolve them.

– In week three, we’ll do hot seats. You’ll offer up your idea so far and we’ll think about them together as a group.

– In week four, we’ll think about your book’s table of contents. How does your book idea develop over the course of the chapters? Your TOC is a key part of your book idea.

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This course is for you if:

  • You’ve tried to start your book on your own but gave up when life got crazy
  • You’ve got two, three, four — or 10! — book ideas and don’t know where to start
  • You want to set yourself up to continue writing through the fall no matter what 
  • You want to minimize distractions by creating a foolproof plan
  • You want to prepare for Book Proposal Academy in February by having extra time to think, organize, and write
  • You don’t want another year to go by in which you don’t write your book!

This course is not for you if:

  • You’re completely confident that your book idea already works
  • You’re already very disciplined about your writing and thinking
  • You know exactly where to start, and why
  • You know how your book unfolds, chapter by chapter
  • You want to write an unconventional book with no structure whatsoever
  • You prefer to work in isolation, without any peer support or expert guidance
  • You’re under contact and your editor loves what you’re doing.

This course is for you if you are ready to get clear, save time, money — and get writing. It provides the structure and support to put you on the right track.

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Let's Do This!

As an author, you want your book to shine. You want to reach the people who are hungry for your story, your insight or your guidance — and you want to reach them soon.

Don’t spend any more time doubtful, distracted or confused. Don’t waste your energy wondering if you are on track or not. Sign up for Develop Your Book Idea — get clear and get ready to think and write like an author!


Four weeks for $447!

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