You want the best for your stories, ideas and vision. But life is full, and you are busy.

That’s when it makes sense to hire a collaborator — when you don’t have the time or focus to write your book.

A collaborator gives all of her skill and attention to your project, and that saves you a lot of worry and effort.

With a collaborator’s help, you know you’ll get the book done — and done well.

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What Zanib Salbi Says

"I honestly can’t speak highly enough of Joelle. She asked the right questions, she was always patient … My respect for her intelligence, her writing and her editing is so deep that it helped ground me in the process of my own creative thinking and creative work. And I got some really good feedback on the book from world leaders actually, such as President Clinton and others. I definitely would work with her over and over again. "

Get your book done, and done well.

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