Polish & Pitch 8-Week Mastermind

No matter how much drive you have right now—it can all disappear.

Without focused, weekly meetings and a dedicated group of peers, your project can sink to the bottom of your to-do list.

Going it alone can feel lonely and, sometimes, impossible.

​That’s why I’m offering the Polish & Pitch Mastermind this spring.

Polish & Pitch is an 8-week coaching and accountability mastermind to support you all the way to the finish line of your project.

Build on the impressive ground you’ve gained in Book Proposal Academy.

​Maintain your focus, enthusiasm and courage.

Don’t wait until some unknown date in the future to get your book out there.

The Polish & Pitch Mastermind is 8 weeks of accountability and coaching. You will:

  • Finish up the revisions on your proposal (or re-engage)
  • Research the agents or publishers you want to pitch
  • Begin the querying process
  • Start writing more chapters
  • Work with a small cohort of dedicated peers (all BPA graduates)
  • Troubleshoot your challenges
  • Celebrate your wins!
  • OPTION: Get feedback from me on up to 70 pages
  • OPTION: Get access to the Teachable Learning Hub
  • BONUS: Hear from a publishing industry guest—and ask them questions!

I have space for just 6 – 8 up-and-coming authors to work closely with me from May 8th through June 26th.

You with us? You have two options.

For weekly, live meetings and Slack community, choose the standard track.

Join Polish & Pitch Now

Want all of the above plus feedback from me? Choose the option below.

Join Polish & Pitch - and Get Feedback!

Expert Guidance, Peer Support, & Regular Check-ins

Polish & Pitch keeps you writing, revising, and pitching.

Stay on track to write revise, polish, connect and strategize next steps.

Stay in the flow and stay connected to your book— and me!

Tend to your proposal (and book!) in spite of life’s distractions and responsibilities.

We’ll be with you when you get stuck.

And we’re there to celebrate your wins!

The Polish & Pitch Schedule

  • Week 1:
    – Set your 8-week goal
    – Commit to the actions you need to take
    – Identify the habits you want to embrace in your days and weeks
  • Weeks 2 – 7:
    – Check in on your plan
    – Share your victories from the previous week
    – Identify any challenges or roadblocks
    – Take a hot-seat to overcome any specific challenges
    – Dive deep into pressing issues to find work-arounds or reframe
  • Learn from a special guest from the book industry (TBD)
  • Week 8:
    – Analyze your plan and progress
    – Reflect on what went well and what didn’t go as planned
    – Celebrate your victories!
    – Set your 2-month goal for the summer

​All meetings are with the full group of 6 to 8 up-and-coming authors.

  • We meet on Wednesdays at 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST via Zoom
  • Slack group for ideas and support between live calls
  • All meetings are recorded and posted in Slack.
    • Option to add-on feedback from me (up to 70 pages total)
    • Option to add-on access to the Teachable Learning Hub for BPA

What’s the exchange?

You have options!

  • Pay $437 monthly for the two months – OR –
  • Save $80 with a one-time payment. Your choice!
    • OPTION: Option to add on access to the Teachable Learning Hub to all BPA lessons, worksheets, bonuses and resources
I want to join Polish & Pitch!

Want feedback on your pages? Very special offer for BPA Alums.

  • For $397/mo more, get feedback on up to 70 pages
    • OPTION: Option to add on access to the Teachable Learning Hub to all BPA lessons, worksheets, bonuses and resources
I want to join Polish & Pitch - with Feedback!

Just think how good it’s going to feel when you maintain your traction, focus and motivation.

You’ll sail into the summer, ready to take your book where it needs to go.

Book deal on the horizon.

Chapters ready to be written.

More, you’ll be fully prepared to go more public about your offering.

When it gets more real, so does the imposter in all of us.

Finish and pitch your proposal this spring — with us!